The Body Mantra Method


A "Body Mantra" is a breath sound or physical motion that teaches you how to use positive repetition daily to be the best version of you, therefore achieving the results you desire.  The healthiest of people live in a steady state of flow. This is a positive psychology term that has been used to describe successful populations and what it takes to achieve this kind of optimal human potential.



The Body Mantra Method  is an expertly created brand of Yoga, Barre and Pilates fusion, developed by Dr. Christine Grimaldi, specifically for people with chronic pain and illness.  Her method incorporates neuroscience and exercise physiology to elevate your mind to a hypnotic "Zen" state through physical and meditative flows. 


By focusing only on the breath and the movement, your body will relax and use its own natural healing abilities to diminish the sensation of pain receptors and detachment of pain symptoms. This Yogic Mantra technique helps move breath and energy through you, while increasing circulation, moving spinal fluid and lymphatic fluid through your system, and giving your cells a "healing cleanse".  Muscle tone will increase and flexibility will be enhanced, strengthening your structural system and promoting optimal immune function. 


Our Body Mantra Method classes teach holistic strategies that will allow you to reach your full potential with ease and grace, creating balance in the mind and in the body.  Through physical movement and breath, you will become strong & lean - powerful, yet graceful.  You will learn how to unleash emotional blocks that are keeping you stifled in life and to ground yourself in repetition of movement, so you are centered in yourself before you proceed further in all tasks and endeavors of your beautiful life.


 Dr. Christine Grimaldi used her method for over 20 years at Columbia University Medical Center for pediatric and adult oncology, rheumatology and other chronic conditions.  Gaia Television picked up the Body Mantra Method and developed it into eight international videos.   Visit our section of Dr. Grimaldi and the Body Mantra Method in the Press for more info. 



From the Desk of Dr. Christine Grimaldi

It's hard to imagine what it is like to have loved so deeply

and have lost it all in a blink of an have one person

who magically lit you up in the best of times and the worst of times.  I have learned to flow through life with ease and grace - despite life's traumas.  This center is dedicated to this story and stories of so many others that have overcome crisis and persevered through life despite these traumas.  I know the people I surround myself with have experienced the same pain and sorrow and have turned that into joy. Together we persevere, because it is through suffering we grow, and through helping others in crisis we bring ourselves back to our true purpose. We strive to do good, work hard, spread joy, sleep, wake and repeat.  That is my story...I can give you a long bio of all my degrees and certifications and celebrity-ness.  But that is all that is and that does not define me.  

This center is about breathing, integrative medicine, exercise, healing, pampering, learning, feeling joy and a sense of community...belonging - while having daily self-care and nourishment for our bodies and soul.

Come join us and experience all the possibilities...learn how to reach your full potential in every realm of your life, so you too can flow through your life with ease and achieve the unimaginable.  Come help us help others and experience the magic beyond....let this glorious journey begin... 

"If one person shows compassion then just maybe

it will cause a chain reaction."

    In Love and Light,

    Founder and Friend

         Body Mantra & Barre Salt Spa