"Unplugging your Kids"


Children today suffer from overstimulation due to hyper academia strategies, unrealistic expectations and dependency on technology constantly both at home and at schools. Television, video games, social media, cell phones to just name a few, all now play a formative role in our child's development. Research is now showing evidence of negative brain plasticity and learning. 


Our Art & Yoga workshops will teach your kids how to take mindfulness to a new level. We will teach your kids how to stay in a " flow state" or in the zone, using yoga, art, music, and theater to achieve peak performance in their life so they can become productive and calm young adults. We will also teach them how to obtain all their goals effortlessly with ease and flow. 


A negative flow state is when kids get addicted to gaming, social media, and drug addiction. This is an example of negative and obstructive flow state that will keep them returning to bad behaviors while numbing themselves of feeling and sensation. 


We will teach your child how to be engaged in a positive flow, while learning, creating and having fun that will help them build positive lifestyle habits and rituals that will teach them how to be the best version of themselves, resulting in a happy, healthy and productive life.