Happy 2019, Everybody!

I thought it would be appropriate to use the first blog of the New Year to delve deep into abdominal health and anatomy, as I know a lot of people now have “flat tummy” listed as one of their resolutions. I think it’s important to remember now, especially when we are bombarded with images and messages of how we “should” look, that strengthening your abdominal muscles, or your “core,” is not only desirable aesthetically, but also crucial for an individual’s general well-being and health.  

The corresponding abdominal health video will guide you through the most effective exercises that target your stomach muscles that will not only create some heat in the body but will also help with your overall health.

The abdomen is co...

Hip, hip, hooray, today is the day! Today’s blog and practice is all about diving deep into the anatomy of the hip, why our hip health is so important, how to develop a safe and effective practice with stretches and strengthening exercises for the hips and its surrounding structures, and finally how the hips can teach us about self-love, acceptance, and emotion.

Even if you are not part of the large population that suffers from hip pain or dysfunction, hip mobility and strength is important as not only a preventative measure but it also improves posture and offsets tightness after long periods of sitting. Incorporating hip mobility and strengthening protocols into athletes training is imperative because instability and weak mobility, flexibility,...

Welcome to the “Yoga as Medicine for Athletes” series! Here you will find a new video and blog post each week that focuses on different aspects of yoga/body movement and its role in injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as managing chronic orthopedic conditions. Orthopedic injuries and illnesses don’t discriminate, but those who have been in an accident, afflicted with an illness, have physically demanding jobs, the elderly and athletes/frequent gym-goers are most susceptible. Even still, taking the time to stretch, strengthen, and focus on your breath, alignment, and posture is beneficial and can improve the quality of life for anyone.

My passion for this work has formed through my own struggles with exercise addiction and disordered eat...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life