Center of Personal Empowerment

Our COPE Program helps children, tweens, teens, and young adults shift their feelings of anxiety and depression.  They will learn tools and rituals to help them live happy, healthy, productive lives utilizing evidence-based complementary and alternative (CAM) strategies. 


Evidence suggests that children need happiness training to begin by the age of three.  They need lifestyle management and coping skills training from early childhood through young adulthood. 


We have developed our COPE curriculums from early childhood through adolescence.   Working toward positive changes in behavior and relationships alongside achieving and maintaining academic progress is the desired outcome.  When a child is unable to overcome difficult patterns of behavior, the COPE staff supports that child in learning healthy ways of thinking and interacting.  We explore the strengths and needs of each unique child while providing an opportunity to learn and practice new skills with other children in a group setting. 


We are a team of Neuroscientists, Postive Psychologists, and Yoga Therapists that have developed fun and engaging complementary and alternative strategies using breath techniques, yoga, aerial play, art, and meditation to teach your child how to be the best version of themselves. 

At Body Mantra, we strive to help your kids "unplug".


Children today suffer from overstimulation due to hyper academia strategies, unrealistic expectations and dependency on technology constantly both at home and at schools. Television, video games, social media, cell phones to just name a few, all now play a formative role in our child's development. Research is now showing evidence of negative brain plasticity and learning.  Addiction to gaming, social media, and drugs leads to a negative, or obstructive, flow state that will keep them returning to bad behaviors while numbing themselves of feeling and sensation.  


Our Art & Yoga workshops will teach your children how to obtain and stay in a Positive Flow State or "in the zone", using yoga, art, music, and aerial play.   Our interactive programs will help children achieve peak performance in their lives so they can become productive and calm young adults.  They will learn how to obtain all their goals effortlessly, with ease and flow, by building positive lifestyle habits and rituals that will help them be the best version of themselves.  


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