Client of the Month

March 2019

Congratulations Gina!

Meet our client of the month this March, Gina Keely! Gina began coming to Body Mantra last February after experiencing a tragic loss. Gina says, “Physically moving my body helps me get through each day; it helps me feel clearer mentally and more open physically which is a must when dealing with RA.”

Gina finds the motivation to get up every morning to come to Body Mantra & Barre which she describes as a, “100% judgment-free and uplifting atmosphere with a great group of people, we laugh and sometimes cry but always push through physical and emotional challenges on the mat and in life.”

Gina’s favorite class at the studio is barre because she enjoys how it is appropriately challenging, engaging, and a way to push herself beyond physical limitations and get out of her own head to become more present and aware of her body

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