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Body Mantra & Barre is a unique space where you will feel embraced and genuinely cared for.  We offer classes, programs, and services designed and led by highly trained, degreed professionals and specialists.  ALL levels, shapes, and sizes are welcome to join us.   


Our mission is to help you make real lifestyle changes that will help you live your very best, healthiest, and happiest life and to learn to connect the mind, body, and spirit.  We want you to leave our classes feeling strong, inspired, and empowered!

About Us

Dr. Christine Grimaldi is the founder of The Body Mantra Method, a unique fitness program developed originally for her on-the-go celebrity clientele to easily use on set - at any time and any place - with no need for equipment.  Christine has brought her celebrity training method to Long Island and it is now available at Body Mantra & Barre for everyone - no matter your experience or fitness level - to get an amazing body, become super fit and healthy.  


The concept of Body Mantra and Barre and the COPE House is to bridge the gap between traditional psychology treatments and traditional fitness studios/gyms.  We are building a full lifestyle health center where we use holistic modalities and fitness to build and empower the child, adolescent, and adult through our own innovative methodology and lifestyle medicine protocols.   We empower with a multitude of evidence-based treatments ie fitness, yoga, salt therapy, meditation, psychological consults, life coaching, and purposeful work. 

Body Mantra is the repetition of yoga moves and breath to create and increase mental clarity as well as a feeling of calm and lightness.  It is etheric in nature and is a pure form of meditation in motion.  Barre stands for grounded strength, stability, and centeredness.  Together, Body Mantra & Barre encourages the balance of Yin and Yang, allowing your mind, body, and soul to be in harmony while creating a long, lean, powerful body


"The Body Mantra Method is the art of "Extreme Self Care."

Bring peace, joy, and FUN into your daily health and self-care regimen.  Are you ready to experience results, camaraderie, and.........Magic???  Call or stop by TODAY! 

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Our COPE Program helps children, tweens, teens, and young adults shift their feelings of anxiety and depression.  They will learn tools and rituals to help them live happy, healthy, productive lives utilizing evidence-based complementary and alternative (CAM) strategies. 

Evidence suggests that children need happiness training to begin by the age of three.  They need lifestyle management and coping skills training from early childhood through young adulthood. 

Our team of Neuroscientists, Postive Psychologists, and Yoga Therapists have developed fun and engaging complementary and alternative strategies using  yoga, aerial play, art, and meditation to teach your child how to be the best version of themselves. 


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