Balance Your Life

Integrative Psychotherapy

using Holistic Strategies

Dr. Christine Grimaldi, PhD, RYTT

I am a neuroscientist and holistic psychologist with a private practice in Stonybrook, NY. I hold dual  doctoral degrees in neuroscience, positive psychology and exercise physiology, where I have fused all my education and experience into a body-centered approach to psychotherapy which integrates psychotherapy with yoga, meditation and various forms of movement and bodywork. I have extensive experience in the public and private non-profit sectors including individual, group, adolescent  and family therapy, vocational counseling, empowerment coaching and positive life skills training.  I am BOCES certified and currently lecture and write curriculums  on positive education. I've worked in many varied settings including Columbia University Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering, where I specialized  in programs for chronic and life threatening illness, troubled adolescents and their families, special needs children and adults, as well as physically and psychiatrically impaired and developmentally disabled patients, and  gang violence. My experience also includes management, policy and planning, consultation and training. I have lectured at over 100 CAM conferences and have presented in consortiums worldwide. I have co-authored the book " Integrative Strategies for Cancer Patients" , and in the process of publishing my two books, "Integrative Strategies for Depression and Anxiety and "Integrative Strategies for Aging Well." I have also published 7 videos on GAIA tv with my internationally renowned and evidence based program,  "The Body Mantra Method" which fuses neuroscience and yoga to inspire positive habits and sustaining  you  in a "steady state of flow''

I've been teaching yoga since 1988 and have extensive certifications in various body-mind therapies and adaptive exercise.

How Does Integrative Psychology Work ?

Challenges are a part of life

In the course of living our lives, stresses and challenges are inevitable. Often we feel we can't handle them alone. Sometimes getting the right kind of supprt can make a big difference  in our ability to successfully  negotiate and resolve the more complex or recurring problems we encounter.

Suffering is a product of experience.

Our  suffering in life is usually a combined product of our past and present experiences, and the filters through which we perceive them. These experiences register in our bodies and over time become stored there and manifest in energetic holding patterns which we experience as tightness, discomfort or pain. Stress, for examples, causes our bodies to tighten. Over time this tightening slips into our unconscious without our realizing it, creating chronic energetic holding patterns which can be uncomfortable, debilitating and cause disease. This holding in our bodies in turn influences our sense of well-being.

Releasing Stored Patterns

By consciously releasing these stored holding patterns in the physical body that block the free flow of our life energy, we create an environment, wherein psycho-emotional issues that impede a positive sense of well being can move from our unconscious awareness where they can be seen clearly, processes and worked through. We can thus  experience more flexibility and balance in the face of the unpredictability of life, creating choice and freedom of movement. We find that we are then able to move from a place of expansiveness, spontaneity and love.

Integrative and Positive Psychology

An evidence based and reliable resource


Life is complex and challenging. Our experience manifests in many and varied ways, and sometimes it is difficult to sort out. Positive psychology counseling offers a reliable resource  not only for problem solving, but for confidence and empowerment building helping you move forward in your life with seeing the glass half full as opposed to traditional psychotherapy which focuses on the detriments of the past. This kind of psychotherapy offers options and holistic modalities for enhancing ones life. Whether our struggle is anxiety, health issues ,  relationship issues,  it can make a huge difference

to have a safe space and an ally -a professional practitioner who will hold these struggles with you  in a skilled sympathetic presence while providing counsel, education, healing and strategies to move forward into a happy and productive life.


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Initial Consult $150

$100 per session