Choose your therapeutic massage style

Signature Massage a completely eclectic massage that discovers your personal signature needs. read more

Swedish Massage is the most commonly known form of massage. Uses oils or lotions this soothing session is a wonderful general, nonspecific massage. read more

Sports Massage is performed according to the athlete's specific needs given and where they are in their training cycle. read more

Prenatal Massage with the SmithMethod Weightless Bell Cushion System is unparalleled in comfort and safety. read more

Yoga-ssage (AKA table-thai massage) is a blend of acupressure, resting poses combined with massage and passive stretching. read more

In-Home Massage an awesome massage session where ever you want to be. read more

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage that focuses on the deep soft tissue structures. Much more than a strong massage, Deep Tissue massage is often best combined with other styles to round out the session. SmithMethod style deep tissue ensures minimal post-massage soreness. read more


Monday        10am - 6pm
Wednesday  10am - 8pm
Friday           10am - 2pm
Saturday       10am - 5pm