to our

new beginnings

We are so happy to announce that we have LOTS

of New Offerings at our Body Mantra Barre & Kundalini Studio!


We now have a separate "Biker Room" for our spin classes, where you can virtually travel the world while listening to some awesome tunes and getting in kick-ass shape!  Along with that we also now offer a "Simply Spin" membership.  For those who want the total "BIKER BARRE" experience, the Biker Barre Membership is back and better than ever!  How can it be better???  By offering special programs for your kids while you are getting your spin on! (This program is in the works and will be on the schedule very soon!)


Speaking of KIDS....we NOW have a YOGA ART MEDITATION Program for the kids!  Children will have an opportunity to create an art project, participate in a yoga class and then experience a children's mindfulness meditation in the Salt Spa!  A new room has been added that will be used for the children to create their masterpieces, while the moms/dads/caregivers relax in the Salt Spa with your own meditation!  To kick off this new program we are offering our first Children's Yoga Art Meditation on February 9th from 11:15 to 12:45.  Register Soon to secure their spot as space is limited. (Click Here to Register) 


Are you thinking, "Hey, I'd like to experience some Zen Time with art, yoga and meditation!" ????  GOOD NEWS!  We are currently putting together the same program FOR ADULTS!!!  WOO HOO!  First, you will be guided through some gentle yoga, followed by a stress-reducing guided meditation in the salt spa, and then you will create some art in your blissful zen state!  STAY TUNED for the roll-out workshop on this awesomely amazing program!  


On to MORE new classes and programs...We are thrilled that Kundalini Karisa has officially joined Body Mantra Barre and we hope you all get a chance to experience the life-changing experience of  Kundalini!  We now offer a Kundalini Package to either add on to a membership or you can stick with strictly Kundalini..whatever works for you!  A Kundalini Flow & Glow Event is also being planned and coming soon - Kundalini ending with a glow in the dark dance party - FUN! 


Some of our current members have already experienced the Magic of Body Manta and Kundalini together on Monday evenings and Saturday Mornings..if you haven't - get on board and check it out...AND be sure to try Karisa's NEW CLASS - WARM KUNDALINI & HATHA YOGA FLOW to be held on Fridays from 6 am - 7 am starting February 1st.


WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!!!!  Christine and Karisa have put together two very special programs.  We now have a Complete Lifestyle Medicine Program that will help you through your challenges and to reach all your goals.   For those of you with teens or young adults in your life, we know how bumpy that ride can be, and we are proud to announce our Body Mantra & Toolbox Method for Anxiety/Depression Program for Teen Transcendence.  This program is very unique and powerful and sure to be a life changer. 


To find out more please take a look around our website and feel free to call Christine at 631-838-3332 or send us a message any time.   We are so excited to continue on this journey through life with you...Our Body Mantra Tribe!