Salt Stretch Lab

Stretch therapy helps to lengthen and stretch the muscles, which can help you with preventing injuries, managing back pain and balance problems. A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion, improving athletic performance and functional abilities. Himalayan Salt Therapy is an effective way to relax and smooth muscle tissue as well as reducing inflammation and promoting overall wellbeing. Integrating stretch and salt therapy creates the perfect synergy for full body relaxation and rejuvenation.

Single Sessions

20 Minute.....$30

30 Minute.....$40

60 Minute.....$65

Salt Stretch Packages

Bundle and Save!

5 Pack.....$140

10 Pack....$270

5 Pack.....$190

10 Pack.....$360

5 Pack.....$310

10 Pack.....$585

*Gratuity not included

Pilates Private Semi-Private Training

Sessions are 50 minutes in length & can be split with a buddy!

1 Session.....$70

5 Session Pack.....$330

Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise with a huge array of benefits.

Ever wonder how celebrities stay looking fabulous as they age and throughout pregnancies and postpartum? many celebrities regularly do Pilates, it's a popular exercise technique used by many A-listers to help lean and tone their muscles.

Pilates is so much more than that, it has many clinical benefits as well. It improves not only strength and flexibility but asl core and balance. Medical experts often prescribe Pilates at eats 3 times a week for prevention and rehabilitation of the back.

Pilates can help improve:

  • Balance

  • Movement control

  • Coordination

  • Muscle endurance

  • Stability

  • Breathing and bone strength

Yoga Therapy

We offer a wide arrange of therapeutic yoga to fit all our clients' special needs.  Our staff is medically trained and have advanced degrees in holistic medicine and yoga therapy.  Our personalized one on one yoga sessions is built to cater to your unique conditions and give you the attention you need. Whether it's arthritis, low back pain, CNS disorders, pre/postnatal issues, fertility, cancer, MS, Lymes, depression, special needs kids, athletes in training, PTSD & other autoimmune conditions. Most of our sessions are done in our Salt Room, which when combined will give you the relaxation and anti-inflammatory effects of Himalayan salt therapy.  


Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices to help people heal from a specific injury or chronic pain and is also used as a method of injury prevention.  It combines the practice of traditional yoga with an alignment and breath-based approach, which is congruent with western medicine & psychological concepts as a means of therapy.  Yoga therapy is often described as the "intersection of between physical therapy and yoga" and when practiced, it addresses healing of the whole person. Our certified yoga therapists adopt a specific set of postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and daily life suggestions for each individual based on their body, constitution, and condition.  



Yoga brings mindfulness to movement and works intimately with the breath which allows us to create a balance of flexibility, strength, and endurance in a gentle way.  In addition, a regular yoga practice facilitates a sense of peace, clarity & emotional well-being.  

Private Session $85 
5 Sessions for $375
Buddy Sessions(can be split between two people)