The Gift Room

The Gift room was inspired by Barbara Walters.  Christine was her exercise therapist and a great friend for over 25  years. Barbara Walters spent years giving gifts to all her cancer patients and funding her cancer program at Columbia University Medical Center in NYC. 


Every celebrity has a gift closet that they store all unused very expensive gifts that other friends and celebrities and philanthropic charity events have given them.  For years I told Barbara how ridiculous it was that so many of you have these gift closets full of millions of dollars worth of merchandise that is not being used. We laughed and joked for years that I was going to liquidate everyone's gift rooms and auction all the merchandise off so I can use the money to help out families in need. 

Barbara Walters proceeded to buy me a very expensive apartment in NYC because she wanted me to have a beautiful and safe place to come home to after spending fifteen hours a day serving the sick patients in their homes and hospital.


She has been my mentor for years and has inspired my life. I sold the apartment last year to create this space of community wellness and start "The Gift Room" in her name. It is the time I re-gift my gift and the world knows our beautiful story. 

With love and honor always ️


"Everyone has something to give and if just one of us shows compassion then just maybe we will cause a chain reaction"


Christine Grimaldi in honor of Barbara Walters. "The Gift Room .org "