Yoga as Medicine for Athletes

Video Series 

Welcome to the “Yoga as Medicine for Athletes” series! Join the director of Body Mantra and Barre. These videos will focus on different aspects of yoga/body movement and its role in injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as managing chronic orthopedic conditions.  Each episode will focus on a different body part or region of the body that is affected by sports, active lifestyles, stress, and more. While this series is advertised specifically for athletes, everyone can benefit from. Taking the time to slow down and strengthen and stretch your muscles, joints, and tendons will help you become more effective in your workouts and everyday life.


Yoga Therapy - or as we call it "Yoga as Medicine" is the selective use of various yoga tools - such as poses, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and meditation, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice - to help people with virtually any health condition - physical or psychological.  Because people's health and fitness vary, we often modify poses or use props to make the practice safe and effective.  In yoga and medicine, we perform detailed holistic assessments of each client. Evaluating the body, mind, spirit, and environment then craft a personalized yoga program.   Yoga therapy can be used by itself or as an adjunct to any conventional or alternative medical treatment. 

January 19, 2019

November 26, 2018

November 23, 2018

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